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BioMaLL is a C++ library for efficient implementation of machine learning algorithms for bioinformatics applications.  The library comes with a number of algorithms included and packaged for ready application to bioinformatics data, including:

neural networks
decision trees
linear discriminant functions
principal components analysis
multivariate regression
bayesian networks
simulated annealing
genetic algorithms
naive bayes classifiers
logistic regression
k-nearest neighbors

This list will grow as we extend the library.  The programs in the library have a common interface, allowing very rapid comparison of different algorithms on the same data set.  All implementations are highly efficient.

BioMaLL evolved out of the earlier TAIL library (TIGR's Artificial Intelligence Library).

For comments, questions, or suggestions, email Bill Majoros (bmajoros@duke.edu).

BioMaLL is Open Source Software released under the ARTISTIC LICENSE